When you book an appointment for massage therapy at Eden Therapy, we want to make sure we’ve done all we can to promote confidence and trust. To this end, we’ve carefully thought out and implemented a step by step plan from the time you arrive at our website to the time you leave the clinic that has yours and our therapists’ safety in mind. We are confident that our plan takes into account what is most important in preventing the spread of C-19 at Eden. Team Eden is here for YOU. If you have any questions, please let us know. On the following pages you will find our C-19 procedure manual. If you’re having trouble sleeping, this will do it for you. 😉


  • Prevent the transmission of COVID-19 within the Eden Therapy premises
  • Promote assurance, trust and transparency between the Patient and Therapist
  • Provide a clear step by step plan to maximize the above two objectives.

In the following pages, you will find protocol and procedures for our Phase 2 return to practice plan. As has been the case from the onset of the pandemic state of emergency announcement, we commit to remaining attentive and flexible as we adapt to what our Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry and our respective governing Colleges outline as safe practice for our hybrid normal.  As such, this is an interim plan. There may be revisions as needs emerge and new information becomes available.

This plan takes into account the following:

  1. Patient interface with Eden Therapy: This includes a). symptom and risk screening, b). promotion of trust and assurance between the therapist and patient through clear articulation and execution of Eden’s Practice Plan, transparency, and empowerment of the patient to request clarification, c). minimizing transmission surfaces and opportunity, and d). the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and social distancing, e). permission to refuse treatment if the patient feels unsafe.
  2. Staff safety and responsibility to patient: this includes use of a). PPE and social distancing, b). confirmation of patient symptom and risk screening prior to treatment, c). daily self-screening, d). permission to refuse treatment if the therapist feel unsafe.
  3. Clinic environment: This includes a). setting up the space to promote a safe flow that allows staff and patients to move within the clinic while maintaining 2 meter distance from one another. b). Clinic cleanliness, c). removal of possible fomites d). eliminate unnecessary surface touching opportunity.

Ok, everyone, we’ve got this!  This restart plan will be explained along the timeline from booking of an appointment, through to the patient leaving the premises.

Any time hand washing is mentioned. The prescribed 20 seconds with warm water and soap is assumed. For therapists post treatment: If forearms and elbows are used, 20 seconds is inadequate. Please wash hands and forearms for 30-40 seconds.

  1. When the patient books an appointment – prior to arrival.
  2. Online booking: when the patient arrives on the JaneApp booking page, they will see the following message prominently placed at the top of the page:

Booking confirmation message reads as follows:

Email reminder message reads as follows:

  1. Booking by phone: the above information will be read to the patient. The protocol outlined will be open at front desk so the therapist responding to the call can access it immediately. It will be covered in plastic so it can be sanitized after it has been touched.
  2. Day before the appointment: Symptoms and Risk Questionnaire will be manually sent by email by the attending therapist through JaneApp software to the patient.
  • The attending therapist will phone the patient to make sure the questionnaire has been completed, and provide assistance if needed. Let the patient know they must stay home if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of sense of smell. If patients are experiencing these symptoms and have not been tested for COVID-19, you should recommend that they do so; they start by calling 8-1-1.
  • Advise patients at greater risk: take additional precautions, discuss alternatives for care, postpone treatment – explore options. RMTs may provide massage therapy when the patient and therapist agree that the benefits of care delivery outweigh the risk to the patient.
  • Walk the patient through expectations upon arrival at the clinic including no cash payment, mask requirement, waiting outside until appointment time requirement.
  • Document phone call on JaneApp in Notes.
  • Provide the opportunity for the patient to ask questions or voice concerns.
  • Therapists should cut their nails the day before a shift. This is for your protection.
  1. Day of appointment:
  • The therapist: a). Prior to every shift / day of work, the therapist must use the BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool. They must stay home/cancel appointments if they experience any of the symptoms, have traveled outside of BC or Canada, have been in contact with anyone who has returned after traveling outside BC or Canada within the last 14 days, or has been in contact with anyone with confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 within the last 14 days. b). They are required to arrive at the clinic freshly showered including hair washed, pulled back if long, and wearing freshly laundered clothing. c) If the therapist neglects to cut nails the day before, they are strongly advised to wear gloves.
  • The patient: a) is expected to cancel the appointment if they have any cold or flu like symptoms. b). If possible, arrive freshly showered, wearing freshly laundered clothing, hair tied back if long. c). be prepared to purchase a mask for $2 cash if they don’t have one, or make sure they bring a clean mask of their own. c).Make sure they have an electronic means of payment; either credit card or phone for eTransfer.
  1. Upon arrival at the clinic – from entry to exit.

 Patients and therapists will maintain 2 meters distance from each other when possible. Measures taken for the physical space will be outlined below in item C.

The patient will be shown to the washroom so they can wash their hands. This will be encouraged over using hand sanitizer.

The therapist will open and close the treatment door for the patient. Inside door handle will be sterilized at the end of treatment after the therapist has opened it to exit, so the patient can open it safely once dressed.

In the treatment room, both therapist and patient are required to wear masks. Surgical gloves are provided should the therapist or patient request them.

The therapist and patient will go through and confirm the assessment outcome. Consent for treatment will be obtained, making sure to the best of the therapist’s ability that the patient understands that although Eden Therapy and the therapist have taken every measure possible to prevent COVID-19 transmission, due to the nature of massage therapy and the inability to maintain physical distance, the patient understands the risks involved in receiving treatment. The patient is given ample opportunity to voice any concerns, ask questions or refuse treatment at any point.  The therapist must be willing to provide information to the patient regarding measure they have taken to assure safety.

If the patient does not meet pre-screening criteria, the therapists is required to cancel the appointment. It is recommended that there be no charge for the appointment, although this is left to the discretion of the therapist.

The therapist is required to wash hands while the patient prepares for treatment.

Both therapist and patient are required to wash hands after the treatment.

Payment post treatment will be taken in the treatment room via electronic payment by credit card or eTransfer.

The patient will be accompanied to the exit so they don’t have to touch door handles.

  1. The clinic and studio physical space – safety through social distancing, removal of fomites, and cleaning.
  2. All cushions, fabric chairs, magazines, puzzles, water and tea will be removed from the main clinic space.
  3. The treatment tables will have only washable linens on them during treatment which will be washed in hot water and soap, dried in a hot dryer post treatment.
  4. Table heating pad will be under a vynl cover which can be cleaned post treatment.
  5. Thermaphores will have double fabric, extra large covers which will be washed and changed after each treatment so no contact is possible with the actual device.
  6. The studio will have both French doors open. A vinyl covered folding chair will be place in the studio in the event a patient must wait for their appointment. The front desk will not be used as there is a bottle neck that precludes possibility of 2 metres social distancing. A second waiting patient may use the wooden bench in the waiting area.
  7. Signage: Bathrooms and kitchen sinks will have proper hand washing procedure prominently placed. Cleaning and disinfectant pdf from the BC Ministry of Health will be prominently posted in the clinic. Directions to wait before entry, and procedure upon entry will be clearly posted for the patient.
  8. Reception and each treatment room will have tissues available should a patient or therapist need to touch their face.
  9. All treatment rooms, bathrooms and reception area will have proper disinfecting spray bottles and paper towels available.
  10. Front door and door at the top of the stairs will be propped open precluding inclement weather.
  11. Therapist will use their own laptop /phone/tablet for charting and billing. Treatment billing to be completed in the treatment room.
  12. Available Equipment

Disposable masks will be made available to staff should they forget to bring their own. Disposable masks will be made available for purchase to patients should they forget to bring their own.

Surgical gloves will be made available to staff and patients.

Therapists are strongly encouraged to change into a clean shirt after every treatment as this is a major fomite concern. (If you treat with your elbow, it will eventually brush up against your shirt/body).

  1. Cleaning:
  2. A cleaning schedule will be posted in each treatment room. Therapists are encouraged to fill these out after each treatment.
  3. To be cleaned between each appointment: door handles, devices, faucets, light switches, lotion/oil bottles and containers, towel warmer handle and door, table adjustment switches and levers, heating pad switch, massage table and face cradle.

To be cleaned frequently throughout the day – chair in reception,  bathroom door and faucet handles. Main door if closed.

Massage tables are to be sanitized in the presence of the patient.

This procedure manual will be made available for anyone to view. Therapists and staff are required to read and understand this manual. Therapists are expected to comply with the measures outlined above.