courtenay massageI’ve set the business phone ring tone to crickets. At this time of year, it seems the phone rings all the time! Yes, those little critters announce the change of seasons while the summer sun promises no end to the lazy dog days. But then, one morning we awaken to cool air on our skin and yellow tipped maple leaves.

Fall is a busy time. Summer is busy too. They are busy in different ways. Summer is full of play time fun, Fall is full of planning and execution of new projects, restarting ones that were on pause. So at Eden Therapy Yoga Studio, there are some restarts and new projects.

I will be offering three classes. I wanted to offer something that isn’t already happening in the Comox Valley.

  • The result is an alignment based class where you will receive lots of one on one instruction on how to get into a pose with actions deep in your body, not just the outward shape – Refine and Define. 
  • I will also teach a rehab based classes. We’ll do some yoga-ish things, some pilates, and possibly rehab based strength moves. This I call Fix It. I recommend this class for everyone with chronic joint issues that are muscle/joint related.
  • A third class is for fun, and largely for me. I call it Just Practice. I’ll teach from my mat, which is not my usual style.

You can find more description and the schedule as well as prices on the website. Click here to find out more. You can call or email or text also.

Yoga has taken a turn toward fitness. I love that it is more mainstream now, but I’d like to get back to the basics. No music, just juicy, traditional poses, some  you may not encounter in many local classes. We will still have fun, but we will practice yoga. I’m not teaching to entertain or provide distraction, or even help you get fit. We will practice discipline and a heart of studentship, both me as instructor and I hope you as participant.