Yoga and Pilates

Discover intimacy with yourself through breath and sensory perception.

We offer Yoga and Pilates classes at our yoga & Pilates studio in the beautiful, downtown Courtenay. To see our upcoming events and classes, please see our Events page.

You can also book a private session and/or enroll in a class online.


The word ‘yoga’ means union or more accurately, intimacy. As we lean into our breath, we notice how the inhale and exhale are part of a whole, not two disparate events.

We move through the physical shapes of yoga postures, informed by the breath, and even notice how the quality of our breath makes us feel. Anchoring attention intimately to breath leads us out of the thinking mind for a spell and into sensory perception in the body. If you do this consistently for sustained periods of time, you feel happier, less burdened psychologically, more relaxed and aware in mind and body, and up your chances of improved health and life decisions.

It is common knowledge that a mindfulness practice is effective therapy for stress related conditions including tension headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and so on.  The practice of yoga poses is mindfulness in motion, intimacy with your authentic self.


Developed by founder, Joseph Pilates, Pilates teaches you to move more efficiently, and thereby improving strength and reducing the likelihood of injury through very specific postural alignment. This is done by first, differentiating neuro-muscular facilitation to re-teach the body what muscles need to engage to initiate movement, then integrating these improved movement patterns into more complex exercises.

Studies show that those who experience back pain most often do not engage their deep postural muscles first when initiating movement. This is critical in maintaining joint integrity, particularly for heavy lifting or repetitive tasks. Pilates helps to train your body to move effectively and efficiently, making it a fantastic means for rehabilitation, injury prevention, as well as an intelligent exercise regime to support your active lifestyle.

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