Movement Therapy

Move with freedom and ease. Live on your own terms.

Movement therapy bridges the gap between dysfunction and performance. By finding movement inefficiencies and compensations, you will shift from painful or compromised movement to freedom and ease.

You can benefit from movement therapy. Here are just a few reasons to make an appointment today:

  • Joint and muscle pain from repetitive work
  • Post partum core recruitment
  • Increase power in sports by plugging movement leaks
  • Decrease the incidence of injury during athletic training
  • Develop confidence in your body.

Let’s get started today!

The melding of massage therapy, yoga and pilates creates an ideal balance of a medical model of healing with remembrance of our wholeness. Attitude brightens and sense of wellbeing improves, which creates a foundation for a healthy body. When the patient actively participates in the healing process, body awareness, postural awareness, physical strength and tissue responsiveness improves. Subsequent massage treatments are more effective, the likelihood of future injury diminishes, and management of current conditions is expedited.

The progression is as follows:


  1. Find the dysfunction and/or postural misalignment through modified yoga and pilates exercises and poses. We look for movement inefficiencies, or movement ‘leaks’. Where is the body compensating or over engaging? In which part of a functional movement does this happen? These are a couple of questions your therapist considers as he instructs movement.
  2. Teach the body and brain to understand what alignment feels like through deliberate, mindful movement.
  3. Once this is established, you will be asked to move more dynamically and/or with resistance, so you can go about your daily life and recreational/athletic endeavours safely, and successfully.

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