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Low back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, anxiety: These are a few conditions we treat on a daily basis. Read more about these on our Conditions page.

We are keen to unlock the process from diagnosis to following a treatment plan that allows you to do what you love with enthusiasm and ease. We recognize the dynamic relationship between therapist and patient. Through a variety of manual therapy techniques, your musculoskeletal health concerns are addressed and improved.

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Treatment Techniques

Muscle Energy Technique

Joint restriction is alleviated through gentle, non-moving contraction of deep postural muscles. Your therapist will instruct you to ‘push’ against resistance once joints are strategically positioned. This causes a neurological response in the muscles supporting the joints to relax so movement can be restored.

Myofascial Release

Myo means muscle, fascia is connective tissue. Our muscles are bundled in a silvery connective tissue that can get stuck and cause pain or compromise mobility. By applying sustained pressure into the myofascia, movement can be restored and pain alleviated.

Trigger Point Pressure Release

You know that spot at the bend of your neck and shoulder, just above your shoulder blade? That’s a myofascial trigger point. These hyperirritable nodules in tight muscles that sometimes refer radiating pain can be released with appropriate and sustained pressure. Releasing trigger points can help you relax your nervous system and your muscles so you can go about your day, pain free.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is often used to describe Swedish Massage with firm pressure, but they are not the same. Deep Tissue Massage uses very little lubricant so that tissue can be grabbed or hooked. Tissue is stretched and lengthened so muscles that are stuck to each other can be unstuck. Although the technique can be uncomfortable for the patient, it promotes relaxation due to the calming effect it has on the nervous system.


Silicone cups are used to distract rather than compress tissue. Most manual techniques involve compression. The silicone cups allow the therapist to ‘lift’ tissue to encourage release. The cups act like suction cups, differing from traditional glass cups where heat is utilized to lift tissue into the cup.

General Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most common type of massage. Tissue is manipulated by the therapist with lubricant to improve circulation, alleviate tension and restriction in muscles. It is a wonderful way to decrease stress, promote relaxation, restore function in sore muscles, curtail delayed onset muscle soreness after sports, and increase range of motion. Pressure may be light or heavy, and passive range of motion of limbs may be implemented.

Direct Billing

For RMT and Acupuncture treatments, we provide direct billing with Blue Cross and with the providers partnered with Telus Health Claims, and more. All of our therapists are contractors and responsible for their own billing, therefore some providers may bill to more than the mentioned insurers. Unfortunately we do not direct bill to ICBC, WCB, or MSP.

Somatic Therapy is not available for direct billing, please check with your insurance provider regarding the availability of reimbursement.

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