Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is acupuncture in a group setting for a largely discounted fee. Is Community Acupuncture as effective as private acupuncture, and how is it different?

It certainly can be depending on what the condition is. The main difference is the treatment options themselves. In community acupuncture you receive acupuncture, in a private acupuncture session you may also receive cupping, moxibustion, herbal medicine or specific needling on the trunk/back/thighs. In community acupuncture the points selected will be on the hands/feet, arms/ legs, head and upper neck. This will limit the points that are available in this open setting, but these points are the most important points on the body. These points make up the foundation of almost every acupuncture session anyways, so you are not missing out on the benefits of acupuncture. Community acupuncture is significantly more affordable then private acupuncture, allowing people to go more frequently, which is extremely beneficial. Frequency can be a big barrier to successful treatment plans, going to acupuncture twice a week is better than going once! Every patient is different and your practitioner will give you a recommendation on how often acupuncture is required to reach your health goals, or if another modality will serve you better.

All first time community acupuncture patients are required to fill out the intake form and submit it 24 hours before arrival. This allows for the flow of the treatments as the practitioner has limited time for each patient. This is an open setting, in a welcoming and shared space. Community clinic provides effective acupuncture at an accessible rate. Patients will be reclined in a zero gravity chair throughout the treatment time. Please dress warmly but in loose fitting clothing to allow access to the body. Blankets, ear plugs or headphones are welcome.

Initial patients will have a semi-private chat with the practitioner before finding themselves a chair in the open room.

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