Movement Retraining

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A sound yoga/pilates movement retraining program reteaches ideal joint alignment while engaging the whole body. You will learn intimacy with your body, so kinesthetic awareness becomes second nature, improving quality and efficiency of movement as well as preventing future injury.

In your one on one session, movement patterns that are causing injury, pain or discomfort are retrained while incorporating breath and whole body awareness..


Why Yoga, Pilates and RMT?

The melding of massage therapy, yoga and pilates creates an ideal balance of a medical model of healing with remembrance of our wholeness. Attitude brightens and sense of wellbeing improves, which creates a foundation for a healthy body. When the patient actively participates in the healing process, body awareness, postural awareness, physical strength and tissue responsiveness improves. Subsequent massage treatments are more effective, likelihood of future injury diminishes, and management of current conditions is expedited.