Massage Therapy

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Your musculo-skeletal health is our priority

Whiplash injury, back and neck pain, undiagnosed shoulder pain, sore feet: these are a few common conditions we see on a daily basis. We love the process of diagnosing, and following a treatment plan so you can go about doing what you love with enthusiasm.

Direct billing for Pacific Blue Cross, Veteran’s Affairs, RCMP, Manulife, Sunlife, Great West and more. If you are on Premium Assistance with MSP, I can help you recoup their subsidy.

Woman’s Health

It is my honour to support you through life’s milestones:

Pregnancy and post-partum

Your shoulders, back and neck are taxed with pregnancy, nursing and carrying Baby. Through massage and postural coaching, I will provide education so you can maintain good posture.

Once baby is born, you deserve all the support you can get.  I remember having a new born; taking a shower and changing out of my pyjamas was a major accomplishment. I know it can seem difficult to get out of the house when you have a new baby. Particularly during those first few weeks, you don’t want to part from this beautiful new creature, nor should you have to. Bring her along. You can nurse while you receive your massage, hold him while you enjoy your treatment. Remember, your body has just gone through considerable trauma. As well, your organs are finding their way back to their original position. Massage can promote faster recovery, and help shift your body back to normal. If you received a C-Section, it is also important to maintain tissue health and mobility around your scar.

Your body in midlife

As we approach midlife, tissue elasticity diminishes and recovery time increases. Research demonstrates that massage therapy speeds up recovery time. Massage and movement therapy can keep your body feeling supple and strong so you can continue to play hard.

It is a unique position to be in when we are smack in our midlife. Grown cildren still require help, our aging parents now need assistance, and we are still full-on in our careers. If we are to care for those around us, we need to first take care of ourselves. When stress levels are high, we place ourselves at risk of disease and our bodies don’t heal as quickly. Massage and yoga balances the nervous system, and ups your chances of keeping injury and illness at bay; take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

Sports Massage and Movement Retraining (Private Yoga/Pilates)

Are your legs and back tired and sore from cycling this weekend? Studies show that weekly massage keeps your muscle cells sliding smoothly against one another, and flushed clear of DOM causing ions, as well as maintain optimal circulation and relaxation so you can train hard again tomorrow. Passive and active range of motion coupled with vigorous massage and PNF stretching are among the techniques used to keep you at the top of your game.

Often, repetitive, poor biomechanics causes pain and injury. Although symptoms need to be treated, it is important to correct less than ideal movement patterns. As an RMT and Yoga instructor, your private movement retraining session can be billed as RMT treatment, provided we are specifically treating your condition. Generally, massage will be incorporated into your movement session. You will be given exercises to do at home to expedite recovery.